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I used to run a computer self help forum using the South Woodham Ferrers web site, but this was discontinued when I left the U3A at the end of 2018.  I rejoined the U3A and, as some people had missed the forum, I resurrected it.  Since leaving South Woodham Ferrers it fell dormant, but I am now actively supporting it again.

We used the Bulletin Board Software that came with my web site which required everyone to have a logon identity.  Despite this we still suffered from spam, so I dispensed with the bulletin board software and used straight HTML/PHP.  This means login is no longer required, but you are now not able to post to the "board" (so not really a bulletin board anymore).  You will need instead to submit your questions or comments to posts via email (to  I prefer not to answer questions face to face, as I need time to think about and research the question before answering.  Using email will still allow spammers to abuse this service, and I may get more spam, but I will just delete it from my mailbox along with all the other rubbish I get.  At least it won't reach the board.

This forum was originaly intended for members of South Woodham Ferrers U3A, but it is open to anyone (English speaking) to ask a question.  I am by no means an expert in computers, but I used to be a software programmer on IBM mainframes and have been using DOS/Windows since the IBM PC was first launched.  I have no experience of Macs and little experience of Linux but will do what I can to help using the resources of the web.  Although I have a tablet and a mobile phone, I am hopeless at using them and can offer little help with problems relating to them.

When asking a question, bear in mind that compters have different operating systems, versions, software installed, hardware attached, etc..  So please include as much detail as possible as I will probably be unfamiliar with the setup/configuration you are using.  In particular, symptoms and error messages may not mean much to you, but are very powerful diagnostic aids.

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  Last updated 31 December 2021