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I used to run forums on the South Woodham Ferrers web site, but this was discontinued when I left the U3A at the end of 2018.

For many questions, particularly if you are looking for a piece of software, Google may be all you need.  However there can be problems, see this page.  You do need to be au-fait with the technology for this.  If you feel the need to discus problems and gain the advice of others then a forum is the place for this.  I no longer run Forums for Digital Photography, and Science and Technology but there are Forums for these and other subjects on the web (use Google to find them).  You may also find something useful in Google Groups or Yahoo.

I also used to run a Computer Help Forum.  I used the Bulletin Board Software that came with my web hosting package which required everyone to have a logon identity.  Despite this we still suffered from spam, so I am dispensing with the bulletin board software for the Computer Help Forum and using straight HTML/PHP for this.  You can find more information on that forum here.  Since moving from South Woodham Ferrers I have resurrected that computer help forum, which is open to all.

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  Last updated 31 December 2021