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JG's introduction to HTML
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This tutorial on writing HTML is really orientation rather than a proper tutorial.  There are already plenty of tutorials on the web, so it seems pointless to write another.  However writing web pages in HTML is a big subject and there are many different solutions.  My aim is to give some general orientation so that you are able to use a search engine to find relevant information without getting confused.

The computer world is filled with jargon which confuses some, and puts others off.  Jargon however has its place.  Plain English might seem preferable, but it is beset with ambiguity.  Jargon has defined precise meanings, though at first sight it looks opaque if you do not know the definitions.  The meaning should not be inferred from plain English, although there is often a parallel, it is to be used only as an aide memoir, not a formal definition.  As an example, in the medical world which is also full of jargon, Haematoma is bleeding.  But there are many sorts of bleeding.  If the plain English "bleeding" were used by a doctor to describe a condition, the response would be "Well what type of bleeding?". Haematoma conveys exactly the condition without the need for further enquiry.

This tutorial was developed for my son in law, but I have made it open to all.  If anyone comes across this and has comments or questions I can be contacted by email at jgw321@gmail.com.  I will start with a few orientation topics, then point at what I think is a good tutorial.  We will start with HTML and then move on to HTML with CSS which is the recommended way for hand coded web sites. This first topic will cover orientation and starting HTML.  The second section will be exercises to consolidate what was covered in the first section.  The third section will add CSS, followed by exercises to consolidate that.  The final topic will be concluding remarks.

There are other alternative web development tools which will be mentioned in the orientation topics but will not be covered in detail here.  Note: This tutorial is intended for Windows users and does not specifically cover Linux or Mac.  Throughout I refer to Microsoft's browser as Internet Explorer.  Since Windows 10 it has been knows as Microsoft Edge.

Section    Description
Orientation, HTML  : Orientation and introduction to hand written HTML
HTML exercises  : Exercises for the four HTML tutorials.
CMS + HTML  : Combining CMS with HTML; separating style and content.
CMS exercises  : Exercises for the CSS tutorials.
Conclusion  : Final conclusions and next steps
Contact  : Contact me

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