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My vanity web site used to be indexed with a single page linking to all the articles.  However as I have added more pages over time the index page has become larger and larger.  Of greater concern is the fact that the top menu, which repeats on each page has become too large and is now unweildy.  I have decided to split my vanity site into two sections.  The first half will contain the more serious articles, the second half the less serious odds and ends.  The following table shows how the split has been made, followed by two links to the two halves.

Once you have gone to a section you will remain in that section with the menu at the top giving you links to the other pages.  The final link lets you switch to the other section.  Only this page has the full top menu allowing you direct access to an article from either section.

2 Samsonite Aeris: Locked Samsonite Aeris suitcase
1 Thorium: Thorium and nuclear power
1 5G: Will 5G be any faster than 4G?
1 The New Oil: Is the EV the right way to go?
1 Knowledge on the Internet: Information or misinformation
1 Driverless cars: Will this be good or bad?
1 Beginner's guide to astronomy: Start with binoculars.
1 Beginner's guide to photography: Your digital camera has more than just auto mode.
2 Charlies home brew organ: Concept for an organ using electronic keyboards.
2 Corkscrews: Some information on corkscrews.
2 Blood pressure: Some information on blood pressure.
2 FPVD: Fisher-Price Voting Device
2 USE: US English (and some acronyms)

Section    Description
First half More serious articles
Second half Less serious odds and ends

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