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Spectacular Norway and the Enigmatic White Sea

There are two cruises that are only put on every other year or so.   One is to the Gulf of Bothnia and the other is to the White Sea.   The first time we found these cruises, we were already booked on another cruise which we did not want to miss.   As luck would have it they both came up this year at about the same time, so we picked this one and will have to wait for the Gulf of Bothnia one to be repeated.   I learned on this cruise that due to Sweden and Finland rising, this gulf will eventually dry out; but fortunately there are several thousand years before this happens, so I should have time to get the cruise in.

We have been to Murmansk before, and are eager to return, but are looking forward to Archangel and the White Sea, both new to us.

I usually do a day by day blog, but for this cruise I am just doing an overall cruise review.   I will be doing a review of the individual excursions we are on, which will be linked from the itinerary page.   There are also links from the itinerary to a general page of information for each of the ports we are visiting.   If I have any interesting points or pictures I will add these to the port pages.

We have returned from the cruise now and I am updating this cruise.   I have now done proof reading and spell checking, but there may still be errors, mail me if you find anything wrong.   I have also filled in the missing GPS tracks (Expert GPS, which I use to process my Sat Nav data, went on the blink, so it had to wait until I got home and re-installed the software).   I will be leaving for the next cruise Iceland and Norway on the Ocean Princess soon so hopefully I am nearly there.

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