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Great European Rivers and Cities October 2015 Marco Polo

Despite having had two cruises already this year we fancy another one and so we are squeezing in a short trip on the Marco Polo.   We have cruised on her before for the Northern Lights in 2012 and we enjoyed that trip.   We have been to Amsterdam twice before and Antwerp once, all on different cruises.   We have never cruised to Le Havre or Rouen.

I usually record the ships track and sometimes a short blog if anythng interesting occurs, but I always try and review any excursions we do.   In the past these were included in with the cruise blog but I am now extracting them and putting them under the port pages where I think they will be more useful.   If anyone does a review of an excursion and would like it included just mail me the raw text and any images and I will create a web page for it.   Naturally you will get credited.

overview.htm Cruise summary
itin.htm Cruise itinerary and maps
blog.htm Cruise blog
Excursions These were on offer prior to the cruise, there were some changes.
Cruise Critics Roll call thread
Cruise and Maritine Web site home page
Cruise Maritime Marco Polo ship information
Cruise Maritime Marco Polo deck plans

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