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Cruise Fish is a site that helps you find price deals.   The home page link is http://www.cruisefish.net.   You need to register to use the site fully and if you want e-mail alerts you need to buy credits.   It costs USD 0.99 to have unlimited alerts for one sailing date.   If you just browse through the data on the site it is free.

In reviewing the site to prepare this web page I noticed that our cruise in 3 months time had dropped in price; and we had just made final payment .   We rang the cruise line and we got a refund of 1000 (veranda cabin for two).   So a few dollars seems a good investment.

You need to click the Finder (see banner above) and then check out the pricing of your cruise.   You need the title of your cruise, the date is only useful to confirm the cruise after you have found it, or to pick the right one when there are multiple sailings.

If you want email alerts then these can be set up for a small cost (one off per sailing).   Instructions on how to set up an alert are available (along with much more) here in the Forum.

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