Carol Weston's funeral

Carol Weston 15 September 1950 - 6 February 2019
taken by Arnold Penney on her 68th birthday
©Copyright Arnold Penney, used with permission.

Carol was cremated, her wish, at Chelmsford Crematorium on Friday 8th March at 3:30 p.m. with a short humanist ceremony conducted by Tom Osborn.  This again was her wish as she was an atheist.  Carol did not like cut flowers, she believed they were better left growing to be enjoyed by all, so I requested no flowers to be sent or brought.  There was a small spray of lilies on the coffin.  A donation 0f £1,880 was made to National Secular Society.

Carol, like me, believed that religion is a personal thing and every one should be free to have their own beliefs without ridicule, persecution or influence.  A corollary of that freedom is that there should be a separation of church and state with no religious privileges in the political sphere, and no special treatment or concessions for faith schools.  The National Secular Society supports these aims, but is not well known and struggles to survive.  This is the reason for Carol's wish that any charitable donations went to them.

I am devastated from the loss of Carol and found the funeral hard.  I appologise for not being able to speak with everyone on the day, especially those who had come from a distance, and I thank you personally for coming.  We will all miss her, but must keep her alive in our memories.

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