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Westons at Fletching

I have many Westons in my family tree that originated in Newick, so I started a page to show where they were.  I have now done the same for Fletching, where I also had ancestors.

I have started with the parish church again since that is the origins of the paper trail we have today.  This image is also from www.geograph.org.uk, copyright, but may be re-used under their conditions.  There is a descripton of the church on the Geograph web site.  This is the same as the description used for the photograph, but without the annoying "center" alignment.

Parish Church of St Andrew and St Mary the Virgin, Fletching
cc-by-sa/2.0 - PAUL FARMER - geograph.org.uk/photo/5152982

Fletching is north east of Newick, next to Sheffield Park.  This is a link to Google maps.  The photos on Google are only of Sheffield Park and none of the village, but you can use Street View to see what it is like.  When I did this, I started north of the villagea and it seemed funny travelling down leafy lanes with the words "High Street" written on the road.  There is short article on Wikipedia.  There are several photos on the Geograph site.

I am still researching the Westons of Newick and Fletching, it isn't easy once you get back before 1800.  As I discover where people lived I hope to add anotated pins to the map to show the locations.  This will be an on going project, but here is the empty map to start with.

These maps are from OpenStreetMap contributors and so subject to their terms.  You can click the image for a larger version, use your browser's back button to return here.  I may have to change the map if I find ancestors living in the outlying areas.

In the woods of the grounds of Sheffield Park is a clearing with a grey oval in it. Openstreet map doesn't identify this, however far you zoom in, but if you use Google Map's satellite view, it looks to me like a cricket ground.  [back to Newick]

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