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Day 14, Saturday 5 July, second of two sea days.

This map shows progress from this morning until we docked at Dover at 2:00 a.m.   on Sunday.   The sea had been a little rough in the Skaggerak and had calmed down now, but as the day wore on it got rougher again, not enough to worry about or cause any problems, but every time a big wave hit the bow, a judder ran through the ship.

At lunch today they had a pastry special in the Panorama, so we knew it would be crowded.   As we only wanted something light we went for a hot dog, it was delicious, made with a proper frankfurter and we had the place to ourselves.   When we went through to get coffee, sure enough the Panorama was pandemonium.

Carol forgot her camera at dinner, and any money; so she didn't get the Baked Alaska parade and fortunately our two waiters will be with us on the next leg.   They had mussels on the menu so Carol was happy over that.

There was a fine sunset, but it was difficult to capture on my compact.   As we got nearer and nearer to Dover, we expected to see some lights but according to the sat nav we were about 30 miles out, and from memory the horizon is around 12 miles (*) so we won't even see the Harwich navigation light.

*   My memory is usually quite good for numbers and this time it was close.   According to wikipedia for someone at a height of 100 feet it is 12.2 miles, so somewhere between 8 and 15 miles depending on how high deck 6 is.

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