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Day 16, Monday 6 July, at sea.

This map shows our track from when we left Dover yesterday until 7:40 this morning.   It seems strange that we have gone so far out into the North Sea, but maybe it is so we can run a straight course on auto-pilot and not have to navigate around oil rigs and wind farms.

I tried with some shots of the water to use as backgrounds, but only the one on wide angle worked.   My compact will only stop down to f/8 and we were moving too fast so that even at 1/1250" the specula highlights were like star trails.   Perhaps I should have used a higher ISO.

In the afternoon there was a loud boom, something like gunfire.   I popped out on the balcony but couldn't see anything.   I noticed the bridge wing was extended and they were having a good look from up there.   Some one thought it was a sonic boom, I though it might have been a log or a plank hitting the sides.   Whatever it was, it didn't seem to affect us and we ploughed on.

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