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Day 29, Sunday 20 July, Dover.

This is the map for our track on the Iceland leg.   The red sections are what we covered in the Ocean Princess.   The blue sections are excursions, whether on land or by boat.   The yellow sections are where we were inside the arctic circle.

This charts the tracks for those who did the Baltic followed by Iceland and Norway.   The route will be similar for those taking the second Baltic cruise following on from the Iceland one.

We were among the last to be scheduled to leave, Green 4, due to be in the departure lounge at 8:45.   As we had vacated our cabin before breakfast, we went to the Cabaret Lounge at about 8:30 once we had finished breakfast and were called shortly after.   As our taxi was due at 9:00 we waited until 8:45 anyway.   Although Platinum we didn't see any advantage in waiting in the Tahition lounge.   We were home an hour and a half later at 10:30.

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