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Day 6, 27 June, Tallinn

We didn't wake up until almost 8:00 with the announcement of the tour departure arrangements, and when we looked out we were already docked.   One of the advantages of Tallinn is that, although it is in a bay, you can get straight in from the Baltic so docking is not a three and a half hour job like Stockholm.   We were not docked on the new pier where we were before, but the older dock.   I am not sure if there was only one pier here last year and they have built another, or if there were two but I just didn't notice.   Anyway both were full today.   It is more convenient where we are as the coaches can get right up to the ship, so you don't have the long walk along the pier to the car park.   Not that we are affected, as we cancelled our Tallinn excursion and one of our St Petersburg ones as, after Amsterdam, we have found we are not as fit as we need to be.

We had a leisurely breakfast up on the Panorama sun deck, although we were not alone, but it was much quieter on the ship.   Despite that, I couldn't get the TV schedule from the Sky TV site, so couldn't set remote record for the serial we wanted (The Honourable Woman).   We have until Thursday to get it, otherwise we have to hope that we can get it from i-Player when we get back, or have to wait for the DVD release.   (Episodes 2 & 3 were available but I found episode 1 under ALL.   It is confusing but good, glad we got it)

A quiet day today giving me a chance to catch up on my blogs.   There was a lot of ferry activity all day long with at least one of them making two trips.   Being on the starboard side, and facing out to sea, we had a good view from our cabin of all the activity in the ferry part of the port.   When it came time to leave the captain announced that all the cruise ships were scheduled to leave at the same time, but as we were ready we would be going first.   Fortunately Aida is not here to jump the gun on us.

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