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Barentsburg port information

Smtunli, Svein-Magne Tunli CC BY-SA 3.0

Barentsburg was founded by the Dutch in 1920 and named after the Dutch explorer Willem Barents.  They sold it to the Russians in 1932, who have mined coal there ever since.  Although it is in Norwegian Territory the town is largely inhabited by Russians and Ukrainians.  We will have Norwegian Krone with us anyway, but we'll take our Roubles just in case, although it clearly says Norwegian Krone at "What´s in Port", even at the Russian centers.

When we cruised this fjord in 2010, Barentsburg was half way up the fjord, on one side.  Now it is at the end of a bay, and the rest of the fjord is filled with ice.  You could see this if you took the Google map link and switched to Google Earth where you could see the difference between the land and the ice covered fjord, (now changed, see update below).  It will be interesting to see what it is like when we get there in 2016.

Update July 2016

It was as it used to be shown on Google, the ice face was visible from the ship, but the port itself was in clear water.  Looking on Google now, the ice is showing as having reached past where the ship docked. . The Google image/map is not dated, so it isn't clear if this is a winter or summer view.  What is clear is that this glacier is not retreating like the rest.  They may have to build a new jetty to keep up the cruise trade, they will certainly need it for the coal.  If anyone visits this port, an update on access would be appreciated, (you will be credited).

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