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Index to my port pages
The port numbers have no significance to the port,
it is just the sequential ordinal number allocated to the entries of the index.
Port Ships in Port link
Aalborg, Denmark Aalborg
Akureyri, Iceland Akureyri
Alesund, Norway Alesund
Alta, Norway Alta
Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam
Antwerp, Belgium Antwerp
Archangel, Russia Archangel
Arendal, Norway Arendal
Baie-Comeau, (Canada) Baie-Comea
Barentsburg, Svalbard, Norway Barentsburg
Belfast, Northern Ireland Belfast
Bergen, Norway Bergen
Bordeaux, France Bordeaux
Charlottetown, Canada Charlottetown
Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen
Cork, Ireland (Cobh - For Blarney Castle) Cork
Corner Brook, Canada Corner Brook
Dover, UK Dover
Dublin, Ireland Dublin
Geiranger, Norway Geiranger
GaspÚ, Quebec, Canada GaspÚ
Gdansk (Poland) Gdynia
Greenock (Glasgow), Scotland Greenock
Grundafjordur, Iceland Grundafjordur
Guernsey, (St. Peter Port), England Guernsey
Halifax, Nova Scotia Halifax
Hamburg, Germany Hamburg
Harwich, England Harwich
Haugesund, Norway Haugesund
Hellesylt, Norway Hellesylt
Helsinki, Finland Helsinki
Honfleur, France Honfleur
Honningsvag, Norway Honningsvag
Hull, UK Hull
╬les de la Madeleine Canada ╬les de la Madeleine
Invergordon (Inverness/Loch Ness), Scotland Invergordon
Ilulissat Greenland Ilulissat
Isafjordur Iceland Isafjordur
Juneau Alaska Juneau
Kangerlussuaq Greenland Kangerlussuaq
Ketchikan Alaska Ketchikan
Kiel (port) Kiel
Kiel Canal transit Kiel Canal transit
Kirkenes, Norway Kirkenes
Kirkwall (Orkney Islands), Scotland Kirkwall
Klaipeda, Lithuania Klaipeda
Klaksvik, Faroe Islands Klaksvik
Kollafjordur, Faroe Islands Kollafjordur
Kristiansand, Norway Kristiansand
Kristiansund, Norway Kristiansund
La Pallice, France La Rochelle
Le Havre (Paris/Normandy), France Le Havre
Leknes, Lofoten Islands, Norway Gravdal & Leknes
Lerwick, Scotland (Shetland Islands) Lerwick
Liverpool, England Liverpool
London, England.  See individual ports for "What's in port?": Dover
Tilbury, Greenwich and Tower Bridge
Longyearbyen, Norway Longyearbyen
Lulea, Sweeden Lulea
Lorient, France Lorient
Murmansk, Russia Murmansk
Nanortolik, Greenland Nanortolik
Narsarsuaq, Greenland Narsarsuaq
Narvik, Norway Narvik
New York, USA New York City
Nuuk, Greenland Nuuk
Ny-Alesund, Norway Ny-Alesund
Oban, Scotland Oban
Oslo, Norway Oslo
Other London Moorings, UK Tilbury, Greenwich and Tower Bridge
Qeqertarsuaq, Greenland Qeqertarsuaq
Quaqortoq, Greenland Quaqortoq
Quebec, Canada Quebec
Reykjavik, Iceland Reykjavik
Riga, Latvia Riga
R°nne, Bornholm (Denmark) R°nne
Rosyth (and Queensferry) for Edinburgh, Scotland Edinburgh
Rouen, France Rouen
Runavik, Faroe Islands (Denmark) Runavik
Saguenay, Canada Saguenay
Scrabster, UK Scrabster
Seydisfjordur, Iceland Seydisfjordur
Sept-╬les, Canada Sept-╬les
Sisimiut, Greenland Sisimiut
Skagway, Alaska Skagway
Skjolden, Norway Skjolden
Solovetsky Islands, Russia Solovki
South Queensferry (Edinburgh), Scotland Edinburgh
Southampton (London), England Southampton
St. Anthony, Newfoundland St Anthony
St John (New Brunswick), Canada St John (New Brunswick)
St. John's, Newfoundland St John's
St. Petersburg, Russia St Petersburg
St. Pierre, France St. Pierre et Miquelon
Stavanger, Norway Stavanger
Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm
Svolvær, Norway Svolvær
Sydney Nova Scotia, Canada Sydney Nova Scotia
Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn
Tasiilaq, Greenland Tasiilaq
Tilbury (London), U.K. London Cruise terminal Tilbury
Tˇrshavn, Faroe Islands Tˇrshavn
Tromso, Norway Troms°
Trondheim, Norway Trondheim
Ulvik, Norway Ulvik
Umea, Sweeden Umea
Visby, Gotland (Sweden) Visby
Warnemunde (Berlin), Germany Warnemunde (Rostock)
Wismar, Germany Wismar
other ports to come as I book new cruises

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