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Archangel is situated on an island between mainland Denmark and Sweeden and between the Kattegat and the Baltic.   There is a bridge, the Øresund Bridge, linking Copenhagen to Malmo that featured in the Danish thriller "The Bridge".   Malmo and nearby Ystad feature in the many versions of Kurt Wallender.

It is famous for its mermaid sculpture.   Admiral Nelson fought a battle here and defeated the Danish navy.   It was here, and not at the more famous Trafalgar, that he was said to have put the telescope to his blind eye and said, "I can not see the signal".   The signal said not to attack, but he went ahead and defeated the Danes.   Why were we fighting the Danes?   In those days Britain attacked anyone who had a boat, and many who didn't.   I since found out at an enrichment lecture that the Danes had been making money by helping the French get round our blockade (Napoleonic wars) but we had been turning a blind eye.   The Danes tried to block us from the Baltic ports but this was too much.   A show of force was put on to try and make them re-consider, we had up until then been allies.   Nelson was not a kid glove man, and went a bit too far.   There was an outcry at the time in England at the bombarment of civialians, much like Iraq recently.   The Danes have never held it against us.   Copenhagen, like many European cities, is steeped in history.

There is a good selection of images on wikipedia including this panorama.

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