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Grundarfjordur port information

Anjali Kiggal CC BY-SA 4.0

Grundafjordur is a small port, and is often not included on the itinary unless four or more ports are included.  Because it is so small, most ships will tender here rather than dock.  It has the impressive stratovolcano Snæfellsjökull nearby which was made famous by Jules Verne´s story "Journey to the Center of the Earth".  This vulcano can be seen from the ship between Rekjavik and Grundafordur, and also from the berth at Reykjavik, if the visibility is good.  There is another iconic mountain (not the Jules Verne volcano, but the almost equally famous Mt Kirkjufell) at the entrance to the port, pictured above, which makes this port easy to recognise.

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maps.google.co.uk/maps?&ll=64.925652,-23.25428&t=h&z=14 Google maps
www.whatsinport.com/Grundarfjordur.htm What's in port? Grundarfjordur Iceland
www.grundarfjordur.is/default.asp?tre_rod=002|&Sid_Id=10283&tId=1&qsr Official website (in English)
www.visiticeland.com/SearchResults/Town/grundarfjordur Visit Iceland - Grundarfjordur
www.google.co.uk/webhp?hl=en&t=m&sa=N&tab=lw#hl=en&q=Grundarfjordur+tourist+maps Links for maps
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