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Aarchiba Public Domain

Îles de la Madeleine or Magdalen Islands in English is an Archipeligo, or set of islands, and although in the middle of the massive Gulf of St Lawrence, it belongs to the province of Quebec.  It offers an intoxicating mix of rich, island culture and vast natural spaces.  The islands and place names are mostly in French.  Looking at the map it looks like it has suffered from rising sea levels, much went on around here in the geological past.  However there are large salt domes beneath the island which are thought to have played a part in the islands´ formation.

This green archipelago has beautiful marine landscapes and an incredible coastline.  It is filled with coastal lagoons and miles of windswept beaches, home to hundreds of bird species.  Cap-aux-Meules is the largest of the islands in the archepelego and is the tourist center for the other islands, which are known for their varied wildlife and their red and grey cliffs that are particularly striking in the summer.  The two main industries on Îles de la Madeleine are Tourism and Salt Mining.

Brightly painted commercial fishing boats lining the docks are testament to their typical regional cuisine, which features the flavours of the sea.  You wonét find any fresher snow crab, lobster, northern shrimp or shellfish anywhere.

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