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Kiel Canal transit information

Leonard G CC SA 1.0

The Kiel Canal is a popular short cut through from the English Channel/North Sea to the Baltic, or vice-versa.   It is claimed to be busier than either the Panama or the Suez Canal.   It was a high priority item on our bucket list to sail through this canal, ever since we first read Captain Albert's blog.   We have done it twice now, once each way, and we would be happy to do it again.

There are locks at each end of the canal, but none in the middle.   The land is so flat that extra locks are not needed to climb over the hills and down again.   There are designated passing places and when two large ships pass each other one has to pull in and give way.

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maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ll=54.363558,10.140724&z=12 Kiel Canal, south west bound entrance, north east bound exit, Kiel.
maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ll=53.898674,9.151268&z=12 Kiel Canal, south west bound exit, north east bound entrance, Brunsbüttel.
Kie3.jpg Elbe, from Kiel Canal to Hamburg
www.kiel-canal.org/ Kiel Canal web site.
YouTube video of Blackwatch in transit
Princess Cruises Kiel Canal page
Triposo Germany
../201406%20Baltic/d3.htm Baltic 2014 Ocean Princess
../201306%20Baltic/13.htm Baltic 2013 Prinsendam

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