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Lerwick port information

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Lerwick is the main port of the Shetland Islands, Scotland.   It is an important port for the oil industry as it is conveniant to rigs in the northern part of the north sea.   There are floating hotels (barges and ships) in the harbour to act as dormitories for the oil workers when ashore.   There is a large refinery where the oil pipe comes ashore but is well hidden from view.   The council did not let the oil companies choose their own location but they all had to go where the council chose, to minimize the impact on the environment and wildlife.   Moreover the council took a share in the operation and plough the profits from that back into the community.   An approach that Westminster could learn from.

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maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ll=60.160974,-1.154197&spn=0.003112,0.009645&t=m&z=17 Berth at Lerwick.
www.whatsinport.com/Lerwick-Shetland-Islands-Scotland.htm Lerwick, Shetland-Islands, Scotland
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www.lerwick-harbour.co.uk/ Lerwick harbour web site
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L/LWK-290.htm LWK-290 Scenic Drive of Western Shetland, from 2011 Fire & Ice
L/NS.htm Northernmost Shetland, from 2014 Baltic & Iceland

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