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Liverpool port information

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Liverpool is a thriving city on the banks of the Mersey.   It rivaled Southampton as the transatlantic passenger port and was important as the export location for the Lancashire mills.   It also played a major role for the convoys in the war.   Surprisingly it lost its status as a major cruising port, Cunard had their head office here until 1960, but lately Liverpool council obtained a grant to improve facilities for cruise lines and built a new terminal which opened in 2007.   A condition of the grant (lobbying pressure?) was that the terminal was for "port-calls" only.   Liverpool offered to pay back the grant to be able to have turnaround cruises but Southampton objected that this would be unfair competition, even though public money was used to upgrade the rail link from Southampton docks to the midlands container terminals which was unfair competition to Liverpool's trade.   Reason finally prevailed and in May 2012 Liverpool regained its heritage.

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