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Longyearbyen port information

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Longyearbyen is the largest town in Svalbard.   It is tempting to think of it as a capital but of course Svalbard is part of Norway, not a sovereign state recognised by the United Nations (Pointless remark).   Perhaps I should also clear up the difference between Svalbard and Spitzbergen.   Some think they are the same and Spitzbergen is the English equivalent of Svalbard.   Both names are Norwegian, Svalbard is the whole archipeligo, Spitzbergen is a province of Svalbard and is more or less the inhabited bit where the cruise ships go.

The town Longyearbyen started in support of coal mining which, though not as active as it was, still continues today.   Because of the dirt and grime from coal mining it is the custom to remove ones shoes when entering a building, although many foreigners are unaware of this.

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