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Ornskoldsvik port information

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Örnsköldsvik is a locality and the seat of Örnsköldsvik Municipality in Västernorrland County, Sweden, with 28,991 inhabitants in 2010.  Its natural harbour and archipelago is in the Gulf of Bothnia and the northern boundaries of the High Coast area.  It is well known as an exporter of pulp and paper products and heavy machinery goods.  It has a strong environmental record and is the «testbed» for ethanol powered cars.

The scenery around Örnsköldsvik is exceptionally lovely and worth exploring.  Perhaps head for the UNESCO-listed region of HÖga Kusten to see the tallest and steepest coastline of the Baltic region, with its dramatic post-glacial landscape.  If you´ve a head for heights take a ski-lift to the the top of Skuleberget mountain for breathtaking views.

Pronounced ´uh-veek´ and often shortened to O-vik, Örnsköldsvik is located on Sweden´s eastern coast of Sweden about 375 miles north of Stockholm.  Although the countryside around Örnsköldsvik has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age farming settlement of Gene lies just to the south, the town itself is relatively young: it was founded in 1842 and granted city status in 1894.  Its name means ´Eagle Shield Bay´.  The city has been linked to Stockholm by a high-speed railway since 2010.  By the harbour is a museum devoted to the Swedish sculptor Hans Hedberg, who was born nearby, and the town also has a municipal museum and art gallery, which occupies a magnificent Art Nouveau building that was formerly a school.

The main shopping streets are Nygatan and Centralesplanaden which are typically open on weekdays from 1000-1800.  The Post Office is at 24, Ångermanlandsg and the Tourist Information Centre is at 5, Lasarettsgatan, telephone: (+46) 660 88100.  There are several banks along Storgatan and Centralesplanaden.  ATMs are available.

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