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Qeqertarsuaq port information

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Qeqertarsuaq (in Kalaallisut, Danish: Godhavn) is a port and town in Qaasuitsup municipality, located on the south coast of Disko Island on the west coast of Greenland.   Founded in 1773, the town is now home to a campus of the University of Copenhagen known as Arctic Station.   "Qeqertarsuaq" is the Kalaallisut name for Disko Island and is also now used for several other islands on Greenland in Qaasuitsup, including those formerly known as Upernavik and Herbert Island.

In 2013, the town had 845 inhabitants.   The remainder of the population of the island (less than 50 people) lives in the Kangerluk settlement, a few hours by boat to the northwest.

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