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Quebec City port information

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It seems that the name Quebec that we use for the city usually is taken to mean the province.  The city is known as Quebec City to distinguish it.  Sometimes in English the distiction is made by the presence or absence of the accent (q.v. wikipedia).  Both Quebec City and Montreal are Francophone, but most Canadians are bilingual so that should not be a problem.  It is an impressive city, but the old town, which has all the interest for tourists, is on top of a cliff.  It is well worth reading the advice in Tom´s port guide on this.

Quebec City sits at the confluence of the St Lawrence and Saint-Charles rivers, it is the province´s capital as well as being one of North America´s oldest cities.  Carved into Cape Diamond, Jacques Cartier built a fort here before returning to France in 1536, but it wasn´t until 1608 that it was officially founded by the diplomat, Samuel de Champlain.  Quebec today is a haven for culture and the arts with 37 National Historic Sites of Canada, numerous museums, theatres and beautiful examples of early Canadian architecture with the most famous being the legendary Château Frontenac.  Do not miss the magnificent view of the city from the turrets here.  Despite its appearance, this hotel-cum-museum dates from the 19th century, when it was constructed by the Canadian and Pacific Railway Company.  A visit here for afternoon tea-with-a-view will make a perfect end to a day ashore.

Always a highlight of a "Fall Foliage" cruise along the New England and Canadian coastline, Quebec City is a living testimonial to the grace of Old Europe.  Its steep cobbled streets make an atmospheric counterpoint to the trees blazing crimson, yellow and gold and creating one of the most dazzling spectacles on earth.  Artists display their wares in its tree-lined squares and Europhiles can shop for fine antiques and savour fine coffee, croissants and La Vie Francais in Parisian-style pavement cafés.

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