36 day Top of the World Ocean Princess cruise - day 23
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Thursday Aug 11, St Anthony, Newfoundland

Once in the harbour things quietened a bit and we were soon ashore at the now familiar gazebo, put up between the jetty and the tourist office.   Next to this was an empty kiosk advertising the boat trips that we were still wait listed for.   Opposite here was a huge puffin to welcome us, I am not sure if it is a permanent display or just put up when a cruiser comes in.   Just a stones throw up from here was the tourist shop and Lady Anne's Tea Room.   Due to a trick of the light it looks deserted but in fact was packed with shoppers and browsers, downstairs and upstairs.

The little town is still a fishing port with some light industry, but like many other places, now depends more on tourism than fishing.   So they had made some efforts to make the visit memorable to us with authentic looking Viking settlers on parade, fortunately speaking English rather than old Norse.

We didn't stay long as the wind was rather cold, although we had wrapped up warm, it made the eyes run.   The light was also not good for photography, so having got what photos we could, we made it back to the ship.   I am not sure if those left waiting for the next tender were envious of us making the boat, or apprehensive of the trip to come, which was just as exciting as on the way out.

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