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Saguenay is halfway up the St Lawrence river, between Gaspé and Quebec, on the north bank.  A bit like Tilbury, Southend and London, although the St Lawrence is not so twisty as the Thames and has a more interesting bay with whales.  However the town is not on the St Lawrence itself, but up a twisty river, the Rivière Saguenay.  Although setlements in this region date back to the 1600s, the City of Saguenay was only formed in 2002 by almagamation.

The fjord, leading to the town, deeply chiselled in the Laurentian Mountains, is one of the world´s largest and was discovered by French explorer Jacques Cartier in the mid 1530s.  As well as being a spectacularly beautiful area, particularly in summer, the mouth of the river is also an ideal place to go whale watching, with many different breeds congregating there to feed and mate at various times of the year.

Extravagant valleys and granite cliffs tower above Saguenay´s glittering waterways in the Land of Giants.  These colossal canyons stretch 100km along the Saguenay River, with three national parks vying for your attention, sometimes overshadowed by the spectacular sight of whales surfacing the shallower waters near the mouth of St Lawrence River.

You will find friendly hosts with a love for gastronomy in the laid-back cafés, bars and swanky rooftop terraces.  There are also bustling museums, boutiques, and art galleries to see.  At picturesque Lac-Saint-Jean, biking is the best way to get around, but you can also fish, kayak, swim or try one of the many watersports on offer.

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