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Sassnitz port information

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The pretty resort town of Sassnitz lies on the Jasmund peninsula, Rügen Island, in the Federal State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany, which was tucked behind the Iron Curtain for 50 years.  The island boasts a mass of white-sandy beaches, chalk cliffs and beautiful scenery.  Jasmund National Park is UNESCO-listed.  You might like a ride on the narrow gauge steam train Rasende Roland, stroll the promenade at Binz, or visit Prora, a vast concrete seaside resort dubbed the Colossus of Rügen, built by Hitler as part of the Kraft Durch Freude, "Strength Through Joy" programme.  It is also the perfect place to relax on the beach in a strandkorb, a German beach chair.

Sassnitz is the home of Rügen´s only zoo, the Sassnitz Wildlife Park.  The decommissioned British submarine HMS Otus was purchased by a German entrepreneur and towed to Sassnitz to be a floating museum.  The north of the town is surrounded by beautiful Stubnitz beech forests, but the town is best known for its long harbour wall which is the longest jetty wall in Europe.  This harbour, in Rügen´s main town plays an important part in the region´s tourism industry and is always an exciting and busy area to visit.

Hauptstrasse and Rügen-Galerie in Sassnitz, and along the beach promenade area of Hauptstrasse and Dünenstrasse in Binz are the main shopping areas.  Open from Monday to Friday between 0900-1800 and on Saturday between 0900-1600.  The Post Office is located in Sassnitz at 12 Rügen-Galerie, open from Monday to Friday between 1000-1800.  There is a tourist information desk open at the terminal for two hours after every cruise ship docks.

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