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Jostein Sand Nilsen CC BY 2.5
Skjolden port information

G.Lanting CC BY 3.0

Skjolden, pronounced "Sholden" in an English accent, is at the end of the Sognefjord which rivals the Hardangerfjord, the longer and more famous, but they are both excellent for scenic cruising.   If ever you step up to a verandah/balcony cabin, make sure you do it on a trip where you can see more than just empty ocean.

Although this is a small town they have a new cruise terminal so with luck, depending on how many ships are in that day, and how long your ship is, you may get to dock rather than tender.

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http://www.sognefjordcruise.com/ "Official web site for the port authorities in Skjolden, providing information for cruise lines and agents.   If you are a tourist and need information on the area, please visit www.sognefjord.com or www.skjolden.com."
www.sognefjord.no/en/Product/?TLp=233430 Skjolden Tourist Information
www.sognefjord.no/SogneFjord/Sognefjordguiden2014_Eng.pdf Tourist Information brochure (PDF 12MB)
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