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Sydney Nova Scotia port information

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Sydney, no not Australia but Nova Scotia, was once a major industrial centre with a thriving steel industry.   Now thanks to globalisation, like many of us, it has to survive on call centres and tourism.   Sydney lies at the eastern end of Nova Scotia, facing out in to the Atlantic, although it does have a large sheltered bay that was convenient during WWII for assembling the trans atlantic convoys.

There is not much to do around the port, it is OK if you just want to walk around, see the buildings and have a local lunch.   If you want to see some of the tourist attractions you will need an excursion, either a ship´s one or privately arranged.  If you chose the latter make sure you read the advice in Tom´s port guide.

Beware of the map on «What's in Port» that shows a cruise terminal at North Sydney, there well may be one there, but we will be alongside the main town according to Tom's Port Guide, where the big fiddle is. See this Google street view.

A city on the rugged coast of Nova Scotia, Sydney is situated on the eastern coast of Cape Breton Island and was the island colony´s capital until 1820 before it was relocated to Halifax.  Sydney was named after Thomas Townsend, the first Viscount Sydney and with a population descended from both Scottish and Acadian French settlers, Sydney has an interesting heritage with Gaelic and European influences still visible today.  Predominantly industrial with a busy harbour, Sydney also has picturesque scenery with sweeping valleys and hills overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Northumberland Strait.

The city was founded by the British Crown in 1785 and you can still find several buildings and landmarks dating back to this time. The Cape Breton Centre for Heritage and Science offers an insight into the history of Sydney; from its early settlement, through the booming steel heydays to today, where the city attracts countless visitors to its breathtakingly scenic shoreline. The Cossit House and Jost House museums are also an excellent window on a world gone by. Faithfully restored and featuring knowledgeable guides in period costumes, you step back in time when you step through the front door. The success of Sydney is celebrated along the Oceanfront Esplanade with numerous statues and plaques, and for souvenirs, head to the vibrant Sydney River shopping district.

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