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Diego Delso CC BY-SA 3.0
Tallinn port information

Diego Delso CC BY-SA 3.0

A trivia fact for you; in 2009 Tallinn was ranked seventh in the top ten digital cities of the world.   The Old Town is also in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.   It certainly looks a very pituresque city.

Fortunately cruises do not normally stay here overnight.   This city has acquired notoriety as the place where the uncouth Brits go for their stag nights.   If you are brave or adventurous you could Google "tallinn stag nights" to see what I mean.   All big cities have night life, but with "get rich quick" merchants peddling excursions to the lager louts, with more money then sense and even less will-power, it is giving England a bad name.   Mind you, the way we (Britain) exploited our Empire, and still have illusions of grandeur now that it has more or less gone its own way, we deserve our bad name.

One can not blame the Estonians, they are only a small country and a late arrival to the E.U. but they are determined to make a go of it and provide what is wanted by tourists.   You will find Tallinn a much better place to purchase Baltic souvenirs than St Petersburg.   The sweater wall has many a recommendation on the CC boards from happy customers.

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