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Uummannaq port information

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Uummannaq is a town in the Qaasuitsup municipality, in northwestern Greenland, situated at the southern end of Uummannaq Island.  It boasts the country's most northerly ferry terminal.  It is almost 370 miles north of the arctic circle, just inside the 70° parallel, (c.f. almost 79° for Ny-Âlesund).  Although Ilulissat is the Iceberg capital, I believe there will be another chance to see them here.  The town is a hunting and fishing base, with a canning factory and a marble quarry.

Like much of Greenland, it is a volcanic (thankfully not active now) and mountainous area, with glaciers spawning iebergs.  There is an impressive volcanic plug just outside the town and some impressive mountains behind, so we are hoping for some good photographic opportunities.  We have never been here before, and are looking forward to the visit.  Being well inside the arctic circle there is a chance to see the midnight sun in the summer.  When we are there on August 4th 2019 the sun sets at 12 minutes past midnight, although we will be heading south again by then, there may just be a chance for an iconic sunset.

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