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Warnemünde port information

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Warnemünde was originally a small fishing port but became more important when it was subsumed by Rostock as their access to the Baltic.  During the second world war it became important for aircraft manufacture and shipbuilding.  The Heinkel company had a factory here building the 111 bomber that was so effective in the London blitz.  Don't tell anyone that I much prefer the Heinkel 111 to the both the Wellington and the Lancaster, however I do like the Mosquito.  In 2005 a modern cruise terminal was built and the economy has moved from fishing to tourism.  Warnemünde is popular on Baltic cruises as a means of getting to Berlin (Wikipedia); though this does involve lengthy journeys, it is still better than flying, (or rather the airport nonsense that it now entails).  The building next to the lighthouse is known as "The Teapot".  This reminds me of the new office building at the Ford Cologne plant that was nick-named the Inkpot; who says the Germans do not have a sense of humour.

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http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=cruise+terminal+warnemunde&hl=en&ie=UTF8&ll=54.176201,12.094059&spn=0.028735,0.065746&sll=54.166667,12.083333&sspn=0.057484,0.131493&hq=cruise+terminal&hnear=Warnem%C3%BCnde,+Rostock,+Germany&t=m&z=14 Warnemünde cruise terminal google map.
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