Iceland & the Land of the Northern Lights
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Voyage in search of the Aurora Borealis

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An amazing display of purple, blue, pink and green light dancing across the dark sky of night, the spectacular Aurora Borealis is one of nature’s greatest wonders. This voyage takes you to Iceland, the ‘Land of Fire & Ice’ where, if atmospheric conditions are right, you have the chance to witness the incredible Northern Lights. The Faroe and Orkney Islands are fascinating stepping stones on this spectacular voyage.

London Tilbury - Amsterdam (Netherlands) - Kollafjørdur (Faroe Islands) - Reykjavik (Iceland - overnight) - Kirkwall (Orkney Islands) - London Tilbury.

Tracks are shown for 24 hours from approximately 7:00 a.m., or when docked.
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Date Port Arrive Depart Links Track
01/03/16 London Tilbury (United Kingdom) - 1600 Port information d1
02/03/16 Amsterdam (Netherlands) 0800 1300 Port information d2
03/03/16 At Sea d3
04/03/16 Kollafjordur (Faroe Islands) 1200 1900 Port information d4
05/03/16 At Sea d5
06/03/16 Reykjavík (Iceland) 0800 Port information  
07/03/16 Reykjavík (Iceland) o'night 2200 d7
08/03/16 At Sea d8
09/03/16 At Sea d9
10/03/16 Kirkwall, Orkney Islands (United Kingdom) 0800 1700 Port information d10
11/03/16 At Sea d11
12/03/16 London Tilbury (United Kingdom) 0800 - Port information  

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