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Erik Christensen CC BY-SA 3.0
Kollafjordur port information

Vincent van Zeijst CC BY-SA 3.0

The Faroe Islands are not very large, and the main islands are interconnected with tunnels, so excursions are often common to other ports.  You should check the other Faeroese ports for possibilities; Klaksvik, Kollafjordur, Runavik and Torshavn.

Kollafjordur is a village about 20 km north of Torshaven.  The Faroe Islands are not very big but this is the fourth port we have stopped at.  Because the islands are fairly compact and connected well with tunnels you can do more or less any excursion from any port.  The Vestmana bird cliffs from Klaksvik is probably the longest and so may not be offered by cruise lines depending on stay length.

Torshavn has in recent years undergone municipal enlargement by annexing neighbouring villages which were independant municipalities.  This has significantly widened the operating area of Tørshavnar havn, which now includes harbour facilities at Sund and Kollafjørõur.   The good news is that we can berth there and do not need to tender, the bad news is that the dock is almost 2km from the village, although there may be a shuttle.  (There was a free shuttle for us but it went to Torshavn.)  There is probably not a lot in the village and it perhaps can´t cope with a cruise ship full.  It may be reachable by the keen walkers.

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