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Since the ears of Iceland, the northernmost peninsulars at each end of Iceland, stick up almost into the arctic circle; and the ships normally keep a wide berth of the coast, you could cross into the arctic circle on the way in and on the way out of Akureyri.  Usually one of these days will have the traditional ceremony with the award of certificates, but not all lines honour the tradition.

Akureyri lies at the head of the 60-kilometre long Eyjafjördur, which is the longest fjord in Iceland.  The capital of the north, which was founded as a trading post, is today an attractive town with colourful houses and well-kept gardens. ; It is also home to both the northernmost botanical garden and northernmost golf course in the world.  The main attraction at this port is Lake Myvatn, which is a pity since the town is a pretty town, but there is never enough time to explore it.  It is a bit of a drive to get to Lake Myvatn and Godafoss, with not much on the way, but it is well worth it when you get there, including surreal rock formations, the lunar-like pseudo-craters at Skutastadir and the stunning, crescent-shaped Godafoss Waterfall.  Laufas Folk Museum, or Myvatn Nature Baths, Iceland´s newest spa, are relaxing alternatives.

Route 1, the main highway of Iceland which encircles the island passes through Akureyri (just south of the town by the airport) and passes over a mountain pass on the way to Egilsstadir.  As this pass can be blocked in winter due to snow they have decided to bore a tunnel through from opposite Akureyri to close to Goddafoss.  It wasn´t long before they hit problems, hot springs at the Akureyi end, and cold springs at the other end, which has delayed completion and put the cost up.  We were there in July 2015, and again in 2016 and on both occasions you could see a waterfall from the boat, with water vapour coming off.

In 2017 the water vapour was less noticeable, the flow is less than it was and our guide reported that it was nearing completion.  It should shorten the excursions to the lake etc, and to Husavik for Whale watching, but no doubt the guides will narate the story of hot and cold running water for some years to come.  They might develop the hot water spring into a Spa, it hasn't been decided yet.  You can also do whale watching from Akureyri, there are three places just round the corner from where the ship docks.  Google.  Note these can get booked well beforehand if there are big ships in so don't wait until you get there, book in advance.

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