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Jean-Christophe BENOIST
CC BY 2.5
Bruges port information

Jean-Christophe BENOIST
CC BY 2.5

Bruges is not a cruise port, it has canals but cruise ships are too big to get under the bridges and there are no suitable docks.  However Zeebrugge is the nearby port and many cruise lines visit there and have excursions to Bruges.  Excursions are also run from other ports.

Bruges, (Brugge in Flemish), is an historic walled city which is very picturesque and has retained much of the air of times gone by.  Belgium is well known for its chocolates and beer and you can get both in plenty in Bruges.  The city is such a good place to visit that it is full of tourists, but it is worth a visit nevertheless.

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Google maps Drop off point for coaches (shuttle).  Go north, cross the bridge and continue north to Bruges centre.  About a 15 minutes walk.
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