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There are links on the port pages to walking tours in Europe, but there are also walking tours for ports that I do not have a page for, and I have some general information about the subject which this page contains.  It also links to the walks that are under the port pages, so for those walks you can find them either way.

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Jay (Lair Bear) used to have a web site with several free self guided walking tours to some ports that he has visited.  They were at, but this link no longer works, as he did not renew the domain.  According to one CC member it was due to changing to a new computer using a different system (CC forum post).  There was another problem that CC blocked his domain, all references to brentjes in posts are replaced by asterisks.  It is claimed they did this because "he was promoting his site too much".  (I can't find the post now.).

If this was the reason then it is misguided.  As the poster said, he was only trying to help others with links to his walks.  He was not running a commercial business in opposition to CC.  Rather than compete, he was adding value to their site which, in their wisdom, they have now blocked.  It will be my turn next! Jay's home page on the Internet Archive Jay's travel page on the Internet Archive. This serves as the home page for travel and also for "the Americas" section. Jay's travel page for Europe. Jay's travel page for Across the Pacific. Jay's travel page for Tidbits.
links to Jay's European walks Amsterdamm, Bruges, Tallinn, Delft, Dubrovnik, Haarlem, Rotterdam.
The first three are under my port pages, the others are not.  Even if there is no walk for the port you are interested in, check his travel pages, sometimes he did a report on his trip.
Before I found Jay's site, when I was searching Google I came across another Bruges walk, by Pieter Blommaert which I have included here, as well as in the port pages.  I noticed that the routes for both walks were very similar, then I discovered that Jay had based his walk on Pieter's.  There may be an advantage in downloading both.  The images are different. Pieters walk through Bruges.  It is in HTML but you can print it to paper or a PDF to save your wifi minutes. Another walking tour of Bruges,  It is an app for Apple or Android. Home page of GPS my city with links to other twons and ciities. Check the reviews, there seems to be several negative comments.
Bobbie, (bobalink) in this Cruise Critic post gave some walking links.  Rick Steves produces a free App, available for IOS or Android, which give audio guides for walking tours.  The App plays audio files which need a connection to download but no connection is needed to play back.  He has a number of walks which are being extended.  He also has a touring website and runs tours.  As far as I know the audio files are free to download.
If you have found these walking tours useful, and feel the need to recompense someone, then a donation to the Wayback Machine, i.e the Internet Archive would help them to continue the good work of preserving web sites that would otherwise disappear from the web for various reasons.

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