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Harwich port information

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Harwich, along with Tilbury, Greenwich, Dover and Southampton considers itself the London passenger terminal.   Greenwich is the nearest to London but until they get their new terminal and dock can hardly be considered.   Southampton has been a major passenger terminal for a long while, particularly for trans atlantic, but in reality serves the South of England rather than London.   The Pool of London is really the only one that could justify the title London Terminal, but can only handle the smallest of ships, a couple of hundred passengers at most.

Tilbury and Harwich have fast train services from London (Fenchurch Street and Liverpool Street respectively) so perhaps have the best claim, although changing is required for Harwich at Mainingtree, but it is only across the platform.   Dover used to have a train service running in to the Terminal, but they tore up the tracks.   Coincidentally, Tilbury and Harwich are both next to large container ports; Tilbury Docks (being superceded now by London Gateway) and Felixstowe.   Unlike Tilbury, Harwich is a quaint and interesting town.

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