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Tower Bridge Anji Old CC BY 4.0

London is served by several ports which each lay claim to being London (port-name); Southampton, Dover, Tilbury, Greenwich (just a pier at the moment, but more is planned), Harwich and Tower Bridge.  Of these Southampton, Dover, Tilbury and Harwich are the most frequented.  Port information is included for each port separately (linked above, or use the index), but to save repeating the London information for each port I have included it here on its own page with just a link from each port.

link description
maps.google.co.uk/ London in Google Maps
www.londontoolkit.com/ London Toolkit many useful things for travelers
www.londontoolkit.com/ London Toolkit travel options
http://www.popularhotels.com/ Suggested hotels in London.
Triposo United Kingdom
Triposo London
London.php Mickie Bachrow´s notes on London
CC post by kazu Notes [from Mark (mcalbala)] about London Pass, and English Heritage Pass (the link in the post is wrong).

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