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Stockholm port information

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Sweeden became rich through Iron and Gunpowder, both very lucrative throughout Europe´s troubled history.  Norway has now perhaps over taken through oil and hydro electric power, but both countries are expensive for those whose currency is the pound or the dollar.

Stockholm is, like several other capitals, not quite on the coast.   Instead of a river to travel up to get there, you have to sail through the islands, otherwise known as the Archipeligo.  You have to get up early to see this, if you have an outside view it is worth ordering room service so you don´t miss anything, (c.f. Cruise Critics #2378 et seq.).  The city itself is built on several islands.  Stockholm is often refered to (among other places; St Petersberg, Bruges, etc.) as the Venice of the North.

If you are in to old wooden ships or maritime history then the Vasa museum is well worth a visit, but try to get there early as it gets very crowded when the tour buses pull in.

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https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&ll=59.343235,18.125682&spn=0.006379,0.01929&t=h&z=16 Stockholm.   This is the dock location (2013), thanks to Bobbie (Sapper1).   We are at Frihamnen.   Zoom out 4 levels to see the whole city.
www.portsofstockholm.com/vessel-calls/ Docking info for Stockholm
www.stockholmtown.com/ Port of Stockholm web site.
www.vasamuseet.se/en/ Vasa Museum
www.djurgarden.net/ The Vasa is in the royal gardens, more than just a garden by the look of it.
www.abbathemuseum.com/en/ For all things ABBA.   Apparently you can sing along.   If you fancy this get a ticket in advance.   Be careful though, the Museum only opens at noon on Thursdays.
nordicchotel.com/icebar-by-icehotel/ Nordic Hotel Icebar
www.royalsightseeing.com/ HoHo boat trips
www.whatsinport.com Stockholm page
Cruise Critics Stockholm page
Princess Cruises Stockholm page
Triposo Sweden
Triposo Stockholm
S/11.htm Baltic 2013 Prinsendam
S/d5.htm Baltic 2014 Ocean Princess

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