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Tromso port information

Municipality of Tromso CC BY 2.0

Most of Tromsø, including the city centre, is located on the island of Tromsøya, though it has spread to the adjoining mainland, linked by bridge and tunnel.  The bridge is too low for all but the smallest cruise ships so most, coming from the south, have to circumnavigate the Island and approach from the North.  The main cruise terminal is just outside the town opposite the University.  It is just walkable if you are very fit, but it is better to use a shuttle to get in to town.

Tromso escaped the war unscathed as the Germans used the fjords for a harbour, so the ships were targets rather than buildings and it was hard for the RAF to reach with much of a payload.  The English did sink the Tirpitz by bombing it just off the Island of Tromsoy with great loss of German lives.

We saw our best sighting (at the time) of the Northern Lights on our way out of Tromso en route to Alta, so keep a watch out at all times.  Once you are at or inside the Arctic circle they can be seen anywhere, though you need to be away from bright lights for a good view.

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