Photography for beginners

Part 4 - Glossary

In the first three topics I introduced some jargon without explanation or definition.  This was deliberate.  Any technical subject has a certain amount of jargon or technical language.  In the early stages of any new discipline, it is important not to get bogged down with this, but eventually one has to come to terms with precise meanings (which is actually the role of jargon), rather than use complicated lengthy explanations in ordinary language which can often obscure things further.  So from now on any new term I use should have an entry in this glossary, so that you can know exactly what it means.  If a term is missing it will be because I have slipped up, but mail me and I'll add the missing definition.

You should find any terms I glossed over before explained here, but it also contains terms that you will meet in the later topics.

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