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Ocean Cruising in the Northern Hemisphere and Arctic.

Although this web site is labelled Cruising in the Northern Hemisphere, it is mainly concerning cruising on the continental shelf of Northern Europe.   Our very first cruise was the Inside passage to Alaska, and we have done the Viking route to America, via Norway, Faeroes, Iceland and Greenland.   However we have not done the orient and as we don't fly are unlikely to do so.

The site supplements Cruise Critics, but is not affliated in any way.  It is a private vanity site provided as an information service to others.  Cruise Critics is a useful place to discuss things but it is not so good for information, with its heavy bias towards roll calls rather than topics.  If someone posts a useful answer on one roll call it is often invisible to people on other roll calls.

If you follow a link from my site to Cruise Critics and you are not already a member you may find you need to register, (c.f. here).

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