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In the past each cruise I went on and documented had an information section relevant to that cruise.   Some may still be there; but as much of the information given is only pertinent to that particular cruise, although some of it is of a more general nature and applies to any cruise, I have decided to extract the general information and put it here.   There is a separate section on ports which can be revisted on other cruises, so it makes sense to separate them in to a section of their own.  

Link Contents Cruise Critics, which should redirect to your local version ( for us being in UK).   This is the place to go find out anything about cruising from ship, port or cruise reviews to the latest news or cruise deals.   As well as the main site there is a forum with many useful threads and discussions.   There is also a Roll Call section where you can discuss and plan with your fellow passengers on the same cruise.   This does need registration, but is well worth it.   There are plenty of seasoned cruisers there who will know the answer to any problems you might have.
FAQ.htm Frequently asked questions for new cruisers.  This is my own attempt at a FAQ, based on questions asked on roll calls on cruise critics, and replies that have been forth coming.  The answers may not be the best but any advice is given based on my limited experience of cruising; several years but only some of the cruise lines.   The last one is just a bit of fun.
Inet/index.htm Notes about Internet access onboard.  This will be of more use to new cruisers thanto seasoned travellers.
Cayole Cruises is a valuable resource for cruisers because it's the only website that offers future cruise price prediction i.e. people can learn whether they should buy a cruise now or wait for a cheaper price in future.

Here is an article from the New York Times discussing it: (see the "Time it Right" section).
WT.php I used to have information here about walking tours, but it has got so large that I have created a separate page.
GB-UK.htm What is the difference between, British Isles, Great Britain and the UK? This global web site presents OFFICIAL weather observations, weather forecasts and climatological information for selected cities supplied by National Meteorological & Hydrological Services (NMHSs) worldwide.   You need to use the links and search functions to get the information for the locality you are interested in.   They do provide climate charts for the whole year as well as current forecasts. By default it will detect your local area and give you a local forecast, but you can use the search function to get weather for elsewhere.   You can get forecasts for one day up to two months, but you can use the Travel Planning section near the bottom of the page to get a climate guide for the period of your stay. A free service to provide a 10 day weather forecast for Cruises departing in the next 30 days.   So obviously you would use this while on the cruise, rather than a guide as to what to pack.
wave heights
AIS.htm Cruise ship trackers Captain Albert's blog.   Although this is a blog from a captain on Holland America lines, and it is only about the ship he is currently on, he often gives good insights in to the maritime world and cruising in particular, so it is of general interest.   It is also a good read.   His last entry was December 2012, but he is due to resume duties in March 2013 (schedules permitting). Princess Line webcams
blogs.php Index to various cruise blogs and photo albums
stock.htm My page about "On board credit for Carnival Shareholders"
cfn.php My page about "", a web site for monitoring cruise pricing.
Viator a Trip Advisor Company A sort of Google to shore excursions and city tours world-wide.   They don't have everything, so do your own searching too, but a good place to start. Belgian beer tours and city bar guide Crowd source ratings on beers and places.   This only covers main towns, the best pub round here isn't mentioned, but it is worldwide. Insurace tip for solo travellers. packing hints aerosols, etc with recomendations for Fort Lauderdale shops.  Most ports have a supermarket nearby
DeckPlans.php Most load in browser, some are PDFs
WebCams.php Some links that may help with finding webcams and ship trackers.
CC.php Cruise Critics, about the links on this site.
More to come

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