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Comparison of cruise liners

This is not a comparison of all cruise liners, just those that I have travelled on.   The table contains the objective ship facts for comparisons, the reviews contain the subjective impressions of the ship and crew.

These are not contemporary comparisons but are our views of the ships we have travelled on and in that time cruise lines standards have gone up and down.   We have seen this.   Comparison reviews are difficult as they are subjective, what matters to one person may be inconsequential to the next.   Seek out as many different views as you can and remember to assess the reviewer.   Ignore those who just say "it was awful, don't travel with them"; opinion without reasons is useless.   You could always tell with a Barry Norman film review whether you were likely to enjoy it or not, and this was in dependant of whether he enjoyed or not.   So it was with Roger Ebert.   That is the sort of cruise review you need to look out for, one that tells you what is good and what is bad, not whether the reviewer liked it or not.

Cruise Ship LengthBeamDecksCall sign

Doug Beckers
811 ft105 ft11 decksGRFP
63786 grt775 cabins1400 passengers700 crew
781 ft105.8 ft10 decksPDAN
61, 396 grt720 cabins1432 passengers615 crew
719 ft101 ft10 decksPHFV
55,819 grt631 cabins1260 passengers580 crew
774 ft102 ft10 decks
55,000 grtall balcony cabins999 passengers530 crew
726 ft92 ft9 decksC6BR5
46,052 grt726 cabins1250 passengers crew
674.2 ft91.8 ft9 decksPBGH
37,848 grt398 cabins740 passengers480 crew
594 ft83 ft9 decksZCDS4
30,277 grt345 cabins688 passengers373 crew
594 ft83 ft9 decks
30,277 grt345 cabins688 passengers373 crew
674 ft83 ft8 decks
28,613 grt423 cabins804 passengers330 crew

Jorge Andrade
642 ft73 ft8 decksC6SY7
24,344 grt485 cabins929 passengers371 crew
Refit at Blohm and Voss
578.35 ft77.26 ft8 decksC6JZ7
19,860 grt422 cabins820 passengers356 crew
539 ft74 ft decks
18,591 grt cabins512 passengers220 crew
8 decks
15,614 grt cabins556 passengers crew
500 ft68 ft7 decksC6WC2
15,396 grt270 cabins540 passengers crew

Cruise Ship Our views other Reviews

Doug Beckers
This is the biggest ship we have been on, but it didn't seem any worse than a small one. Unlike the magellan there were no problems with the deesign, it seemed like a cruise ship, not a ferry. The library rival the R-class ships (Ocean Princess, Pacific Princess, et al.) It feels like there is plenty of room, there were only 1200 passengers rather than 1400, the full complement, but eveen if full it would be OK for us, no noticeable queuing. C&MV,   Cruise Critics Wikipedia.
A long time since we were on her.   Liked the forward open bow deck. HAL,   Cruise Critics,   SeaScanner,   Wikipedia.
Didn't like the design.   The shopping mall was like a cross channel ferry and having to go up and down again just to get from the front to the back was stupid. HAL,   Cruise Critics,   SeaScanner,   Wikipedia.
Enters service in 2019 replacing Saga Pearl II. Early information looks good, this could become our ship of choice. Cruise Critics,   Saga Travel.
More spacious than the Marco Polo but less interesting ship.   All the accommodation is on the lower decks and the amenities on the upper decks.   The two main restaurants are separated by the kitchen which runs the whole width of the ship.   If you find that you are at the wrong one you can not get to the other without going up a deck along and back down again (or the other way round). If the weather is bad they switch off the lifts leaving only lift 7 midships working. This prevents access to the Waldorf by wheelchair.   Poor design. Cruise Maritime,   Cruise Critics,   Wikipedia.
Used to be our favourite ship and still would be if she sailed more UK itineraries and HAL service had not gone down.   Love the wrap round promenade, crows nest. HAL,   Cruise Critics,   SeaScanner,   Wikipedia.
Replaced the Prinsendam as our favourite ship after HAL service deteriorated until she was sold. Princess Cruises,   Cruise Critics,   SeaScanner,   Wikipedia.
Identical to Oceean Princess except for superficial decor differences Wikipedia,   Cruise Critics,   SeaScanner.
Similar to the Marco Polo in that there is a lot packed in and there is plenty to explore on the ship with places for good photography.   One feature we particularly like is the cinema.   OK it projects DVDs, but it is proper raked room with cinema style (comfortable) seating. not just an ordinary room where you can't see the screen because of peoples heads. Lately the films have been shown at ackward times (between dinner sittings). Cabin doors slam and cabin furniture is noisy, a lot of disturbance from neighbours unless you are lucky. Fred Oulsen,   Cruise Critics,   Wikipedia.

Jorge Andrade
Much quieter than Black Watch, we prefer this. No cinema, but they are not making good use of it now on the Black Watch. Wikipedia,   Cruise Critics,   Fred Olsen.
Hated by some but loved by others.   We have found here OK, but a little cramped.   They have squeezed a lot of passengers in to a small ship at the expense of lounge areas.   Good visibility. Magellan has more space (some empty) but feels less friendly in comparison. Cruise Maritime,   Cruise Critics,   Wikipedia.
Due to sail on her next year Wikipedia,   Cruise Critics,   Saga Travel.
Due to sail on her next year Wikipedia,   Cruise Critics,   Cruise and Maritime.
The smallest of the ships we have sailed on and the most friendly.   The crew all made you feel at home and nothing was too much trouble.   It was not just that they realised happy customers are good for the line and in the long run for them as well.   They really seemed to enjoy their job.   Sadly the cruise line is no longer trading. Voyages of Discovery,   Cruise Critics,  

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