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Stig Nygaard CC BY 2.0
Tórshavn port information

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The Faroe Islands are not very large, and the main islands are interconnected with tunnels, so excursions are often common to other ports.   You should check the other Faeroese ports for possibilities; Klaksvik, Kollafjordur, Runavik and Torshavn.

Some cruise lines have announced a boycott of the Faroe Tslands due to the whaling cull, other lines have reduced their calls but made no official announcement, other lines are continuing to call.   There is an article about it here, and a wikipedia article, you may find these distressing.

Tórshavn, once the site of an annual Viking gathering, it is today one of the smallest and most pleasant capital cities in the world.   It sits on the southern tip of Streymoy, one of eighteen islands in the Faroese archipelago.   Tinganes is the old part of the town where characteristic, red wooden buildings with turf-covered roofs cluster on a narrow peninsula.   It juts into the natural harbour around which the modern town has been built.   The Faroe Islands have a wild and dramatic landscape, which is a magnificent backdrop to optional excursions showing how islanders live on this remote and unspoiled archipelago.

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