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Runavik port information

Erik Christensen CC BY-SA 3.0

The Faroe Islands are not very large, and the main islands are interconnected with tunnels, so excursions are often common to other ports.   You should check the other Faeroese ports for possibilities; Klaksvik, Kollafjordur, Runavik and Torshavn.

Some cruise lines have announced a boycott of the Faroe Tslands due to the whaling cull, other lines have reduced their calls but made no official announcement, other lines are continuing to call.   There is an article about it here, and a wikipedia article, you may find these distressing.

Runavik is perhaps the least popular port of all the cruising ports.   We came here once when we couldn't get into Toshavn due to the festivities.   But now Torshavn has expanded and has two overspill ports Torshavn is the favourite with most lines being the capital.   Klaksvik is also popular as it has a nice scenic sailaway (when it isn't foggy).   Runavik is perhaps more central, although The Vestmana Cliffs excursion is easier from Torshavn.   Runavik is the easiest for the northern islands.

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